Daily Chores

I am doing my chores today

not much else I can say, it makes my bottom sweaty when I think about how much I have got to do. Maybe thats why I itch so much. Even on a sunny day I have to do all this housework, its not good for my health. Actually the clouds have rolled in so its nice to be inside.

Still i would rather be sitting on my bottom watching television. My husband is not very sensitive to my situation either, he sits there spouting his gas and how he gets sore when i dont get the chores done. The cheek, it makes my anus itch, i do not deserve the treatment he gives me. I should be on medication all the trouble he gives me. All he does is sit there and scratch and eat fatty food.

Oh well I’ll keep on taking the medicine and hope my sensitivity wont get in the way of life. My poor body deserves a rest and i hate to think what is going on inside my stomach, all that acid comming out at night.

Oh well time to get on and do some work. Time to get the washing done and get the bloody stool mended too. Its leg fell offf the other week and i cant reach the top of the cupboard. Then i shall put some treatment on the windows, dont know what yet, but something that will stop the sun fading my pictures. Its a symptom of the sunlight and can cause itchy skin. Time to go and get it all done. hey ho.




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