Who wants it to itch like crazy

another time another place but with all thats going on we dont stop to think about hemorrhoids itching. Ive had that a whil and i suffered too. It takes a lot to want to go to the loo and then it is painful i can tell you.

at the end of the day when the night draws in and the lights go on i usually shut the curtains. then i put my ointment on my hemorrhoids and hope it stops the itching. I’ll go an wash my hands and then make a cup of tea and have a jammy doughnut.

Maybe I should lay off the sugary foods as thats probably why i am so darn fat and it hurts each time I have a bowel movement.

I really need to find something to deal with these hemorrhoids symptoms itching something that will go a long way to healing them.
I dont want surgery who does? I should be able to find something that i can do that will end the misery of these darn painful little pesky inflamed things.
I guess i should stop eating doughnuts, curry, paella, fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs and salsa verde for breakfast. But i like my food. I also like to wash down all that lovely grub with one or two bottles of vodka in the morning.
It helps to dull the painful hemorrhoids in my bottom but no matter how boozed up i am that infernal itching persists.

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